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Feeling misunderstood and not quite right? Situations of trauma in the past could be a variable.

I understand trauma, the difficulties faced by us all when we try to learn past our intergenerational patterns. I am here for parents and caregivers who want to do their best for their families. I also welcome clients who want to be better caregivers to themselves. This includes anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, addictive behavior, unprocessed childhood experiences, or failure to create healthy connections with others.

Interested in exploring variables influencing feeling apart from?


I provide a partnership that improves compassion, respect, and the ability to truly be heard and understood. Exploring the past, owning unhelpful ideas, making connections between values and actions help us grow confidence, strength, and self-acceptance and the ability to shape the future we want with confidence. I can help you thrive. 

I became a therapist to provide folx with the tools to build a secure & safe world themselves. I have endured many of the pitfalls that prevent this mindset, and know the value of liberation first hand. I have partnered with an agency that supports a variety of difficulties with a commitment to seeing change occur one heart at a time.


Call or Text: 831-854-3271 

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